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NYPD Psychological Exam – What to Expect

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NYPD Psychological Exam – What to Expect…

The NYPD Police Officer written exam is long and tedious. You will want to be prepared, as you will be expected to complete a detailed autobiographical questionnaire, answer questions about your current and prior health status and provide extensive information, including objective personality inventory measures.

In addition, you should be prepared for a one-on-one oral interview with a NYPD psychologist who will ask you questions about your educational, employment, psychological, medical and legal history, as well as past and present social relationships. The oral interview will take approximately 1 hour.

There are steps you can take to help yourself with both the written tests and oral interview

. First and foremost, ALWAYS be open, honest and candid with your answers. In addition, be prepared by bringing your resume, transcripts and any other relevant documentation you think might be helpful.

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– NYPD Psychological Exam – What to Expect