Civil Service job disqualification appeal process

Disqualification cases

Kevin P. Sheerin is a retired attorney with the NYPD Legal Bureau and understands the Civil Service Law.   He is now an experienced private attorney who understands the challenges you face in the difficulties you may have in your court case.

Some of the issues he handles are disqualification cases.  It is important that you call a Civil-Service Law Attorney to discuss your case.  There are three types of disqualifications:  medical, psychological, and character disqualifications.  In the case of disqualifications you will be asked to get a second opinion from an independent doctor.  This doctor may be an orthopedist, neurologist, cardiologist, psychologist or any other type of doctor.  Mr. Sherrin has successfully handled cases where candidates have been diagnosed with spinal disorders, cardiac disorders or even intestinal disorders.  It is important that you consult with the Civil Service Law Attorney discuss the options in these cases.

It is also important to file a notice of appeal within 30 days with the New York City Civil Service Commission located at 1 Center St., New York, NY 10007.  This must be done within 30 days of the date on the letter sent to you.  Occasionally, you will receive a late notice.  You should keep any certified mail, return receipt requested documents to prove the late notice to you.

In the case of psychological disqualifications which are becoming more common it is best to file your appeal and speak to civil-service law attorney likeness to Sharon. He works with a number of psychologists in appealing your case. Once again you will have to authorize release to the psychologist to receive the NYPD records regarding her disqualification. Then the psychologist will meet with you and possibly give you additional testing to help you appeal your case.

The final total disqualification is a character or background disqualification. If you've been arrested or received a number of traffic summonses or have had past employment problems involving termination or suspension would discipline you may receive a character background disqualification. These disqualifications can lead to a civil-service hearing to determine if you are actually qualified for the NYPD. It is important to have an attorney to prepare you for any hearing that would be conducted before the commission and to understand the severity and the possibilities regarding any infractions donating cited against you by the NYPD.

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