Civil Service job disqualification appeal process

NYPD Psychological Disqualification Appeals Attorney

Kevin P. Sheerin is an NYPD psychological disqualification appeals attorney. He  has been assisting candidates with NYPD Psychological disqualifications for 18 years.   He is now an experienced in NYPD NOPD disqualification appeals and NYPD NOD Disqualification cases.

Some of the issues he handles are disqualification cases.  It is important that you call a Civil-Service Law Attorney to discuss your case.  The most common type of disqualifications is psychological.  In the case of disqualifications you will be asked to get a second opinion from an independent psychologist. This psychologist should be trained in appeal preemployment psychological disqualification appeals.  Mr. Sheerin has successfully handled cases where candidates have been diagnosed with a vast variety of psychological issues.  It is important that you consult with the Civil Service Law Attorney discuss the options in these cases.

In the case of psychological disqualifications which are becoming more common it is best to file your appeal and speak to civil-service law attorney. Mr. Sheerin will refer you to the psychologist best suited for your appeal.

The NOPD or Notice of Proposed Disqualification (NOPD) is handled by the NYPD Candidate Assessment Division on 20th Street in Grammercy Park, New York.

The second step or NOD Notice of Disqualification Appeal is handled by the NYC Civil Service Commission in accordance with NYS Civil Service Law.

Once again you will have to authorize release to the psychologist to receive the NYPD records regarding her disqualification. Then the psychologist will meet with you and possibly give you additional testing to help you appeal your case.

There are also disqualifications for character or background issues. If you've been arrested or received a number of traffic summonses or have had past employment problems involving termination or suspension would discipline you may receive a character background disqualification. These disqualifications can lead to a civil-service hearing to determine if you are actually qualified for the NYPD. It is important to have an attorney to prepare you for any hearing that would be conducted before the commission and to understand the severity and the possibilities regarding any infractions donating cited against you by the NYPD.

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Disqualified from a job you always wanted?

Don't worry; you're not alone. Many people are disqualified from jobs every day for a number of reasons. That's why we're here to help.

At, we know how to get you back in the running for the job of your dreams. We have successfully handled disqualification cases for years and know exactly what to do to get you back on track.

All you need is a knowledgeable Civil-Service Law Attorney on your side who can walk you through the procedure.

What Is NYPD Disqualification Process?

The NYPD has a very specific disqualification process that you will need to follow to be reinstated. This process can be complicated and confusing, but we can help you every step of the way.

1) Submit a written request for review to the Civil Service Commission within 30 days of notification of your disqualification.

2) After reviewing your case, the Commission will decide whether you should be restored.

3) If they decide that you should be reinstated, they will send a letter to the NYPD informing them of their decision.

4) The NYPD will have 30 days to accept or appeal the decision.

5) If they accept the decision, you will be reinstated and able to continue your job search.

What Should You Know About NYPD Psychological Disqualification?

One of the most common reasons for NYPD disqualification is psychological issues. Every applicant must go through a psychological test as part of the recruiting process at the NYPD.

If you are found to have any psychological issues, you will be automatically disqualified from the job. This does not, however, imply that you will never be able to work as a police officer.

You can still apply for other jobs in law enforcement or seek treatment for your psychological issue. Once you have been treated, you can then reapply to the NYPD and hopefully be successful the second time around.

NYPD Disqualification Appeal Lawyer

Appealing an NYPD disqualification can be a long and difficult process. You will need to submit a written request for review to the Civil Service Commission and then go through an appeals process.

If you're not sure how to navigate the appeals process, don't worry; we can help. Our experienced team of attorneys knows exactly what to do to get your case in front of the right people and get you the best possible outcome.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you with your NYPD disqualification appeal.

NYPD Appeal Psychologist

If you've been disqualified from the NYPD due to psychological issues, you may be wondering if you can ever become a police officer. The good news is that you can still apply for other jobs in law enforcement or seek treatment for your psychological issue.

To increase your chances of being accepted, you may want to consider working with a psychologist who specializes in NYPD appeals. This psychologist can help you understand the NYPD's disqualification process and give you tips on how to improve your chances of being reinstated.

NYPD Psychological Division

The NYPD's Psychological Division is responsible for conducting psychological evaluations of all applicants. If you've been disqualified from the NYPD due to psychological issues, you can contact the Psychological Division to learn more about the disqualification process and how to appeal your case.

Appealing A Civil Service Exam Disqualification

If you've been disqualified from the civil service exam, you may be wondering if there's anything you can do to get back on track. The good news is that you can appeal your case and potentially be reinstated.

However, the appeals process can be long and complicated, so it's important to have an experienced attorney on your side. At Sheerin Law, we have successfully handled disqualification cases for years and know exactly what to do to get you back on track.

What Happens After You Are Disqualified from The NYPD?

If you are disqualified from the NYPD, you have two options: you can either reapply for the job or seek treatment for your psychological issue. If you choose to reapply, you will need to go through the entire application process again.

If you choose to seek treatment, you will need to get a letter from your psychologist stating that you have been successfully treated for your condition. Once you have this letter, you can then reapply to the NYPD.

Regardless of which path you choose; we recommend getting in touch with us as we can help you navigate the process and give you the best chance of success.