• NYPD Disqualification – Failing to Admit Minor Problems

    One of the major pitfalls made by candidates is failing to admit very minor issues. One example of a minor issue is doing poorly when you first enter college. When transitioning from high school to college, some candidates end up on academic probation. If you go to an oral psychological interview and deny poor performance.

  • NYPD Disqualification due to inconsistent statements

    Candidates run into difficulty when they give inconsistent statements over the course of several written questionnaires and oral psychological evaluations. For example, when applying for NYPD Cadet you may have said in response to a very common question: “Did you have a party for your 21st birthday, when it became legal for you to drink.

  • Appealing Your Psychological Disqualification

    If a Candidate receives a Psychological Disqualification, they can file an appeal in an effort to have that decision reversed. Disqualification Letters are sent to Candidates via regular mail or email. A Candidate only has a small window of time to take action (usually 30 days) if they would like to appeal. If a Candidate.

  • NYPD Psychological Disqualification

    As part of the NYPD screening process, Candidates are required to go through a Psychological Evaluation. As a result, Candidates are sometimes disqualified based on a response, action or some other factor which made the Evaluator decide that the Candidate is psychologically unsuitable for the position. This decision does not mean that the Candidate is.

  • NYPD Psychological, Medical and Character Disqualifications

    Employment as a NYPD Police Officer can be one of the most rewarding occupations with many financial perks and benefits. However, becoming a member of the NYPD is not for everyone, as it requires many unique skillsets. Police Officers must be able to cope well under extreme pressure, think fast on their feet, control their.

  • Oral Psychological Evaluation Tips

    Candidates should go into their Oral Psychological Evaluation with the expectation that it will find it very stressful. This challenging environment is not by accident; in fact, it is done by design. Candidates must realize that they are applying for one of the most important and stressful jobs, with many unforeseen problems that can and.

  • Opportunity to Become NYPD Police Officer

    The NYPD, as well as other law enforcement agencies around the country are finding themselves understaffed due to an unprecedented increase in retirements and resignations. Some agencies are also struggling to recruit new law enforcement officers. In an effort to overcome these obstacles, some agencies are creating new ideas and incentives (such as signing bonuses.

  • NYPD Background Investigations Take Time

    The NYPD Police Officer Background Investigation is a long and intricate process in which an Investigator will delve deeply into your personal life in order to get a full picture of who you are, including facts about your past and present relationships, employment and personal activities. How long it will take depends on how extensive.

  • Candidate Background Investigations

    A very important part of the NYPD Police Officer Application Process is the Candidate background investigation. This process can be the deciding factor as to whether or not you are deemed eligible to become a Police Officer. You need to have a clean record if you want to be approved by the hiring agency. Passing.

  • NYPD Hiring Process

    Once you have taken the exam, the NYC Department for Citywide Administration Services (DCAS) will generate your “list number”. List numbers are generated only to Candidates who pass the exam and are generated by exam score (meaning the higher your score, the lower your list number will be). After you pass the exam, the NYPD’s.

  • Do I need an Attorney and Psychologist to Appeal my Psychological Disqualification?

    If you have been Psychologically Disqualified by the NYPD for the position of Police Officer, Correction Officer, Firefighter or any other civil service job, you should begin appealing immediately, as you only have 30 days to start the process. Although you can Appeal your Disqualification on your own, a more prudent choice is to hire.

  • Hire an Experienced Attorney to Appeal Your NYPD Psychological Disqualification

    If you received a Psychological Disqualification, it is imperative that you seek the legal advice of a highly-skilled attorney, experienced in handling these types of civil service cases. You must also act fast, as you only have 30 days to initiate your appeal. Even if you decide you no longer wish to pursue the position.