October 30


Frequently the question arises should I take action and file an appeal or withdraw from a disqualification.

The answer lies in the circumstances and facts involved in your disqualification. There may be occasions when letting more time pass between incidents that caused you to be disqualified is a good idea, in which case you may wish to withdraw and try again later.

There are very few benefits to withdrawing if your ultimate goal is to be an NYPD Police Officer. The withdrawal letter states that the next time you apply for the job the disqualification file will be used in determining your suitability.

Accordingly, you may wish to proceed with the disqualification appeal if your ultimate goal is to be appointed to that job.

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October 30

Is it worth appealing a Notice of Proposed Disqualification (NOPD)?

It’s not going to get any worse… You are currently disqualified… It can only get better. You have two chances to succeed. You could win at a re-interview at the NOPD Notice of Proposed Disqualification phase. It is always important to have all good mental health professionals and attorneys to help you, guide you and prepare you for any re-interview.

If you are unsuccessful you have an appeal to the New York City Civil Service Commission which holds hearings and may rule that your disqualification was improper. This is a second chance to win. Naysayers and critics can claim that no one ever wins, but this is not true. Recently candidates have had their disqualification reversed at a NOPD re-interview. Additionally, candidates have had their disqualifications reversed after hearings at the Civil Service Commission. But, your disqualification will not be reversed if you do not take action.

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October 29

Background Portion of the Psychological Exam

Candidates are sometimes surprised by the thoroughness of the psychological exam including the written and oral components. Additionally, candidates can be shocked to learn how thorough the psychologist will be when investigating school work, interpersonal relationships, family relationships, legal issues, financial issues, substance use or abuse, alcohol use or abuse and mental health history.

The psychologist will request documents from as far back as pediatrician records which often makes candidates wonder if the request is proper. Additionally, early psychotherapy records from childhood trauma or a parent’s divorce will be requested.

Often psychologists who counseled candidates in childhood may have closed their practice or discontinued work, retired or passed on or destroyed the records. Nevertheless, candidates must show that they made every effort to obtain the records and prove that to the interviewing department psychologist.

If a psychologist receives records after the oral interview the psychologist will review the records before making a final decision.

Attached is the international Association of Chiefs of Police Guidelines for Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluations. They are used by many Law Enforcement agencies.

Click here to check the attached document

Candidates should be aware that if there are documents from their past that indicate some testing or illness or issues regarding school discipline or expulsion or work discipline or termination, they will be requested by the interviewing psychologist.

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October 29

Civil service job disqualification NYPD (psych disqualification) / FDNY (medical disqual)

When you receive a civil service job disqualification such as a NYPD psych disqualification and/or FDNY medical disqualification, it is crucial you meet with a civil service law attorney to discuss your case.

An attorney who is knowledgeable in the area will be able to describe the appeal process to you. The attorney will get your background history and the complete story of your application process, including any interaction you may have had with the hiring agency’s interviewers, and will discuss with you the best way to approach your appeal.

This is best done in person. During this meeting your attorney will review documents, as well as discuss your life, education, work history and any jobs you may have had. It is also good to discuss what happened during the application process, whether it be background, medical or psychological. After getting all the facts, you can then decide if you would like to act.

It is always best to communicate, get all the facts, discuss the strategy and decide if you would like to take action. Sometimes deferring to another test or looking at other jobs may be the best advice.

I have been helping civil service job candidates file their appeals for 18 years now. I also advise candidates when I feel their appeal may not be successful.

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October 29

NYPD Psychological Disqualification Appeal Process

Click on the link below to watch a video which describes the NYPD psychological disqualification appeal process, and the steps you need to take in order to succeed. The NYPD psych NOPD steps are followed by information on what to do if you receive a Notice for a 2nd interview. The video also advises you of what you should do if you receive a NOD or Notice of Disqualification, which can be appealed to the NYC Civil Service Commission. Click to watch the video.

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