October 27

NYPD Psychological Disqualification Appeal

There is a two step appeal process. The first appeal is to the NYPD who will review the appeal package you submit. In the case of psychological disqualifications you may get a second psych interview.

We are here to assist you if you receive a NYPD disqualification. Call (516) 248-0040 or email: kevin@sheerinlaw.com

If you receive a second psych interview it is best to prepare with an expert. The main issues that will come up in the second psych interview are obvious. The next step in the appeal process would be a Notice of Disqualification which would be appealed to the NYC Civil Service Commission. The Commission holds hearings to determine if your disqualification was improper.

When you are disqualified, that disqualification will NOT be reversed unless you choose to take action. I have been assisting disqualified NYPD, FDNY, DSNY, NYC DOC candidates for 18 years.

Each appeal is different as your history of school, work and personal relationships is different.

I offer a free ZOOM, phone or in-person consultation.
Feel free to call me. I would be happy to speak with you to see if I can help you with your appeal.

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October 12

NYPD Disqualification

Your NYPD Psychological Appeal is your one chance to choose an expert and obtain your NYPD records.

I am a NYPD disqualification appeals lawyer for more than 17 years and have been assisting disqualified NYPD candidates who received either a Notice of Proposed Disqualification for psychological reasons or a Final Notice of Disqualification for psychological reasons from the NYPD.

On the Notice of Proposed Disqualification letter, the candidate is given an opportunity to select an expert and have the NYPD psychological file sent to that expert for review and preparation of a rebuttal report. If the disqualified candidate does not respond to the Notice of Proposed Disqualification the NYPD psychological file will NOT be released.

It is crucial that the disqualified candidate select a psychologist familiar with the appeals process to assist them. ONCE YOU SELECT AN EXPERT TO ASSIST YOU IN YOUR APPEAL YOU WILL MOST LIKELY BE UNABLE TO CHANGE YOUR CHOICE LATER.

Also selecting a psychologist that the candidate formerly had a counseling session with is a poor choice.

If you have questions about your NOPD or NOD and would like to schedule a free consultation at my Mineola office please do not hesitate to call me at 516 248 0040 to discuss your options.

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September 15

NYPD Psychological Disqualification Appeal Process

Click on the link below to watch a video which describes the NYPD psychological disqualification appeal process, and the steps you need to take in order to succeed. The NYPD psych NOPD steps are followed by information on what to do if you receive a Notice for a 2nd interview. The video also advises you of what you should do if you receive a NOD or Notice of Disqualification, which can be appealed to the NYC Civil Service Commission. Click to watch the video.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation at my Mineola office please do not hesitate to call me at 516 248 0040.

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September 14

NYPD Psychological Appeals-NYPD NOPD Appeals

If you receive a NYPD NOPD psychological disqualification call (516) 248-0040 or email kevin@sheerinlaw.com to schedule a free in office consultation.

I have been helping disqualified candidates appeal their NYPD psychological or character disqualifications for 18 years.

I offer many opportunities during the course of your appeal to visit with me and spend time with me in my office. The first opportunity is when you receive a Notice of Proposed Disqualification or NOPD.

I offer a free in-office consultation. I will meet with you to discuss your history and how the interview with the hiring agency’s psychologist went.  We will discuss the topics the NYPD psychologist focused on during your interview.  We will also talk about your history, including any arrests or violations, or any incidents or problems you may have had in school, at work or in relationships.

During the office consultation I will also explain in detail the Disqualification Appeal process.

This consultation usually takes approximately an hour. After such time, you will better understand the process and issues that will ultimately determine your case. I will let you know what I believe your chances are of having your disqualification reversed and what the next best step for you might be.

Once you file your NOPD appeal with your chosen Mental Health Professional (MHP), the NYPD is more frequently offering a second interview at 1 Lefrak City Plaza in East Elmhurst, Queens. These re-interviews are with a different uni,t which is separate from the Candidate Assessment Division on 20th Street in the old Police Academy building.

If you receive one of these notifications I will prepare with you in my office and we will discuss tips and tactics you will need to succeed and how to avoid traps in the re-interview.  We will also discuss the key issues involved in your case so that you will have greater insight, rather than go in blindly into this re-interview.

During this preparation session you will gain insight into why the hiring agency believes you should be disqualified, and why they believe you are psychologically unsuitable. Gaining this insight will give you a step up in your appeal.

If you are unsuccessful or do not receive a second psych interview you will receive a Notice of Disqualification (NOD).  At this point your appeal is filed with the New York City Civil Service Commission. Even at this second step of the disqualification process candidates are more frequently receiving an additional re-interview. If you receive an additional re-interview after the appeal to the Civil Service Commission, I will again offer you a preparation session in my office to discuss the process, and your best chances to succeed.

Once the NYPD submits documentation supporting their decision to uphold your disqualification, I request time to submit a Reply.  At this time, I will take the arguments the NYPD presented and reply to those contentions, as well as point out where they are exaggerated, misguided, distorted or just plain wrong.

After filing an appeal to the New York City Civil Service Commission some candidates are granted a Hearing before the Commission. If you receive this hearing I will prepare with you in my office for approximately two hours to again talk about the issues that are going to determine the outcome of your case. I will discuss with you the proper attire and grooming required when you attend the hearing.  We will discuss everything so you thoroughly understand the function of the New York City Civil Service Commission and what type of issues they would like resolved in order to have your disqualification reversed.

My standard fee for all of these services is $2500, which also includes a hearing before the New York City Civil Service Commission, if one is granted. This fee includes an initial in-office consultation and an in-office preparation session for every re-interview you receive and at least one 2-hour preparation session if you receive a Hearing before the New York City Civil Service Commission.

This is the same fee I have been charging since I began my practice, handling this type of work in 2003.

I believe meeting with candidates in person and spending time with them is crucial in deciding the best next step for a potential NYPD career or other job choices. Spending your time drilling down on the issues that form the basis of a disqualification with someone who has 18 years of experience doing this type of work is crucial, as you will get a thorough, complete and accurate understanding of what you are facing.

In person consultations are imperative to your success. Phone consultations do not allow for a review of documents such as court dispositions, moving violations, college transcripts and CAS5 filled out during the application process. It is crucial to review Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and issues regarding ADHD medicines or work or school discipline, suspension or terminations to get a sense of your chances on appeal.

Everyone knows how life-changing a successful disqualification appeal can be for you.

Investing a small amount of time, money and energy, will provide you with the best chance of obtaining a successful future.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation at my Mineola office please do not hesitate to contact me at 516 248 0040

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September 14


There is some confusion among candidates about whether they must appeal a NYPD psych NOPD (Notice of Proposed Disqualification).

To clarify, you must appeal a NYPD NOPD psychological disqualification at the NOPD stage or your appeal will be dismissed.

The Psychological Services Assessment section file may only be reviewed by a licensed health care professional. Your only opportunity to have your Psychological Services Assessment section file reviewed during this administrative process will be at this time.


If you try to begin your appeal, as many people would advise you at the NOD stage, the NYPD Legal Bureau will move to dismiss your appeal for failing to exhaust your administrative remedies and failing to have your psychological file sent to your Mental Health Professional (MHP) at the NOPD stage. Your appeal may be dismissed.

If you have any questions, and you would like to schedule a free consultation at my Mineola office, please do not hesitate to contact me at 516 248 0040.

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