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Will My Psych History Prevent NYPD from Hiring Me?

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Can a candidate who has had psychotherapy in the past become a NYPD Police Officer?

The NYPD does not automatically disqualify a candidate for having received psychological counseling or any other form of mental health treatment. However, they will carefully review all of the facts regarding a candidate’s mental health history and consider each and every detail.

If a candidate does have a history of mental health problems, they should be prepared to thoroughly answer any and all questions about their psychological past, including their mental health diagnoses and their past or current treatment(s) (including therapy they underwent and/or medications they were prescribed). Candidates should also be ready, willing and able to provide all of the details, circumstances and symptoms regarding their mental health history, and how these details, circumstances and symptoms have affected them both currently and in the past.

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-Will My Psych History Prevent NYPD from Hiring Me?