May 22

Recent Success Stories From Valued Clients!


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Here are recent success stories from valued clients.

May, 2023: “I hired the Law Office of Kevin Sheerin to appeal my disqualification for DCAS Custodial Engineer. DCAS reversed my disqualification!” – Bryan A.

April, 2023: “Going through a NOPD or DQ is a really stressful and daunting process. When it came time to go before the NYC Civil Service Commission, I felt confident having Mr. Sheerin represent me. My DQ was ultimately reversed.”  – Taylor S

March, 2023: “Kevin Sheerin is the best attorney for your psychological disqualification appeal cases. He definitely helped me pass my psychological interview with the NYPD. I highly recommend.”-Julio B.

February, 2023: “…I hired Kevin back in 2020 to appeal my NOPD… and it was once again denied. Kevin told me if I ever did the process again to call him. I told him I probably won’t…, but if anything I’ll call. Jump forward to 2022 and there I am in the process again. To my surprise Kevin never attempted to make money from me but rather reviewed my last NOPD and prepared me for my upcoming interview. I believe it’s with his words of wisdom and guidance that I was successful. His advice was important and yet simple that I was probably too arrogant to see. In the end it worked out for me by the guidance of Kevin and I thank him so much for keeping in contact with me even though he wasn’t seeking money, but rather to make sure I was able to join the NYPD.” – Aleem H.

If you have been disqualified for any reason and would like a chance to have your disqualification reversed, we strongly urge you to contact Kevin at 516.248.0040 to discuss any questions you may have about your NYPD disqualification.