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Recent Client Reviews


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Recent Client Reviews:

Jason WA month ago (January, 2023)

I recently applied to become a police officer for the New York Police Department. After going through the process, I was scheduled for my first psychological interview. I received an email that I was disqualified. I hired Kevin right away when I received the rejection letter. I knew this could impact any future law enforcement hiring.

He guided me through the general appeal process, figured out what likely caused the disqualification. Because of him and his staff’s experience I got a second psychological test opportunity. I passed and will be starting the academy. The appeal process has timelines and requirements that require an expert’s assistance and your willingness to follow their advice.

The process takes a few months. I had to retake tests that I passed like the physical due to time lapse, but it was worth it, and so was hiring Kevin. He is your best chance at having a timely and strong appeal if you contact him right after the disqualification.

Aleem H.3 weeks ago (January, 2023)

So I hired Kevin back in 2020 to appeal my NOPD from the NYPD, and it was once again denied. Kevin told me if I ever did the process again to call him, I told him I probably won’t do it again but if anything I’ll call. Jump forward to 2022 and there I am in the process again. To my surprise Kevin never attempted to make money from me but rather review my last NOPD and prepare me for my upcoming interview. I believe it’s with his words of wisdom and guidance that I was successful. His advices for important and yet simple that I was probably too arrogant to see. In the end it worked out for me by the guidance of Kevin and I thank him so much for keeping in contact with me even though he wasn’t seeking money, but rather to make sure I was able to join the NYPD.

E.T.A month ago (January, 2023)

Kevin helped me prepare for my NYC Civil Service Commission hearing which was successful, He made sure he was their every step of the way and was always available whenever I had any questions. Thanks a lot Mr. Sheerin it took time but eventually got the best results in the end.

C.H.3 months ago (November, 2022)

After a number of preparation sessions with Mr. Sheerin my disqualification was reversed! He was always there for any questions or concerns I had. Was always helpful in all aspects of the process.

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