Dec 21

POST Personality-Based Competencies – Substance Abuse/Risk-Taking Behavior


Dimension 10: Avoiding Substance Abuse and Other Risk-Taking Behavior:

Avoiding Substance Abuse and Other Risk-Taking Behavior includes not participating in behavior that is inappropriate, self-damaging or adversely impacts organizational functioning. This includes alcohol and drug abuse, domestic violence, the sale of drugs and gambling. Substance Abuse and Other Risk-Taking Behavior include:

• Abusing alcohol and legally prescribed drugs (e.g., pain killers, steroids);
• Using illegal drugs;
• Missing work due to alcohol use;
• Drinking alcohol on duty;
• Coming to work intoxicated, smelling of alcohol or hung-over;
• Being involved in and/or being arrested for off-duty incidents;
• Having a history of DUI arrests;
• Gambling to the point of causing harm to oneself;
• Engaging in self-destructive coping behaviors; and
• Committing domestic violence.

For more information regarding POST Personality-Based Competencies, click link below:
Peace Officer Psychological Screening Manual

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