May 15

NYPD Police Officer Candidate Forms


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The NYPD Candidate Assessment Division requires all candidates print and prepare the following forms prior to reporting for their formal interview with an investigator:

  • CAS-11 Gun Security Form
  • CAS-15 Inquiry Regarding Conviction for Misdemeanor Crimes of Domestic Violence
  • CAS-16 Request for School Records
  • CAS-19 Request for Candidate’s Employment Records
  • CAS-25 Authorization for Release of Information
  • CAS-29 Candidate Records Check
  • CAS-32 Notice to NYPD Police Officer Candidates
  • CAS-38 Corruption Hazard Acknowledgement
  • Location of Military Records
  • CAS Attachment (A) Form
  • CAS Attachment (B) Form
  • Candidate Resource Booklet

Candidates must follow the instructions and complete the forms carefully. For any questions on how or when to complete a form, Candidates can call the NYPD Candidate Relations Desk at 718-312-4226.

NYPD Police Officer candidates are required to take and pass a competitive civil service examination by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS).

The NYPD Candidate Assessment Division will only accept forms from candidates who have successfully completed the written Civil Service exam. Upon successful completion of the written exam, Candidates will be notified by the department to proceed with the form application process. Eligible applicants will receive a welcome email to begin their hiring process.

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