Jul 30

NYPD Character Disqualification: How to Avoid One…



If you have ever been arrested you must disclose that fact and confirm that your arrest appears on your APD5. You must always disclose your arrest record regardless of the disposition in your court case.

If you were ever suspended in school, you must disclose that fact. Your investigator and psychologist will ask for authorizations to find out if you ever had any school disciplines. When they get the reports from your school/college that you were suspended, you will be disqualified if you did not disclose that up front, and will most likely have an unsuccessful appeal.

If you were ever fired from a job you must disclose your termination because when the NYPD gets your Social Security lifetime history they will see exactly what jobs you had, and will ask you to explain why you were let go from certain jobs.

If you do not reveal these things upfront you will get disqualified and will not be able to explain them away.

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