Nov 11

Psychological Assessment – Will Anti-depressants prevent NYPD from hiring me?


 “Can candidates who have had psychotherapy in the past be NYPD Police Officers?”

If I am on anti-depressants will this prevent me from being hired by the NYPD?

The NYPD does not automatically disqualify a candidate from being hired as a police officer simply because they have taken certain medications. However, like psychotherapy, a candidate’s use of any medication will be carefully assessed and closely evaluated by the NYPD. They will want to know and fully understand the reasons why an applicant was prescribed the medication, the symptoms the medication was meant to address, how the candidate did while on the medication, and how long the candidate was taking the medication. As always, candidates should be fully prepared to disclose the name of the medication, as well as the dosage and length of time if was prescribed.

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