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NYPD Psych Dq Appeal

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NYPD Psych Dq Appeal

years ago I helped a disqualified NYPD Police Officer candidate and won the
first appeal I had before the New York City Civil Service Commission. The
candidate had made some poor decisions by using drugs during high school and
was issued a summons for making graffiti. 
Since that time I’ve helped many disqualifed candidates for civil
service jobs win their appeals.

Part of the success
I’ve had is working with candidates to tell their story of their life and their
background issues to prove their psychological suitability or ability to perform
the job despite some imperfection or issue.

Importantly, it is
essential to get the facts before you act. To get the facts clients need to be
interviewed for a thorough, complete and accurate report of anything that forms
the rationale for the hiring agency’s decision to disqualify them. Document
review, an in depth interview and a careful reading of all information that
constitutes the disqualification decision.

Understanding the
appeal process is also essential. Knowing what arguments will be compelling and
decisive provides the best value to the client to assure the best chances of

The greatest reward I
have in my world is to hear from clients that have been successful.

More frequently these
days the NYPD Psychological Disqualification appeal process has resulted in
reversals after a second interview at 1 Lefrak City Plaza in East Elmhurst,
Queens. Preparation with disqualified clients has lead to increased percentages
of reversals after the second interviews. Tips and tactics and how to avoid the
traps that could cause you a problem are the you main focus of the preparation.

It is been my pleasure over
the years to assist disqualify candidates to open up and explain what has
happened and take a deep dive into their past to understand not only the
negative things but, additionally,  the
positive things that make them a good candidate. This includes military
veterans including those who served in combat. People of the overcome adversity
in their life including having difficult upbringings with limited
opportunities. Those people who have struggled with learning disabilities,
individual education plans (IEPs), Special Education, Resource Room, Dyslexia,  Attention Deficit Disorder and use of
Attention medicines and other challenges.

I believe you will be
satisfied with your efforts to successfully challenge your NYPD Psychological
Disqualification. This is a process in place and there is no harm in filing an
appeal. If you have a strong interest in law enforcement or the NYPD in
particular you would need to challenge the disqualification because over the
years all of these successful challenges have proven that not every
disqualification is correct. If you receive a NOPD your disqualification will
become Final unless you appeal.

I would be glad to
speak with you to discuss your disqualification.

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516 – 248 – 0040 or you can email me

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