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Factors in NYPD Psychological Disqualification

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What are some of the reasons a candidate can be psychologically (psych) disqualified for the NYPD police officer title or other civil service titles?

If a candidate had an IEP (Individual Education Plan) in school, some NYPD psychologists see this as a reason to disqualify a candidate. The NYPD psychologist will ask you to sign an authorization to get your school records. When the records are received they will review them and determine if the issues you had in school will effect your candidacy.

Another reason for NYPD psychological disqualification is if you took ADHD medicine while in school. Again, the NYPD psychologist will request an authorization to obtain your records from school, and review them to determine if you should be disqualified on that basis.

You can appeal by getting an independent psychologist to assist you, and by explaining that what happened in school is not your current condition or state. Often candidates have outgrown the need for medicines, or their condition has not followed them into adulthood.

As always, if you do not take action, the disqualification will become final and effect your ability to get other civil service jobs.

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