March 12

NYPD Disqualification / NYPD Disqualification Letter

NYPD Disqualification
NYPD Disqualification Letter

What are the rights of disqualified NYPD Candidates?

DCAS is New York City’s personnel department. DCAS has delegated the task of investigating applicants to the NYPD. You can appeal your NYPD disqualification. Applicants who are disqualified from appointment may challenge an agency’s findings on the grounds that such findings were made in bad faith or were arbitrary and capricious.

There are three potential appeals:

NOPD- Notice of Proposed Disqualification. Based on NYS Civil Service Law 50(4) a hiring agency must give a disqualified candidate an opportunity to provide explanations for a proposed disqualification in writing.

NOD Notice of Disqualification A disqualified candidate next appeal a disqualification to the Civil Service Commission.

If the disqualification is upheld by the Civil Service Commission the candidate can file an Article 78 lawsuit in the New York State Supreme Court in the County concerned.

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March 7

NYC Jobs procedure

NYC Jobs procedure

Advance planning is required for those hoping to get jobs with New York City. The Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) serves as the City’s Personnel Department and writes, administers and scores the tests given for NYC jobs. Lisa Colangelo of the New York Daily News writes about City hiring procedures in the following article. click
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March 5

NYPD Disqualification

NYPD Disqualification

Factors considered in NYPD Disqualifications

When appealing an NYPD character disqualification what are the factors considered?

Frequency of violations or infractions, such as arrests, moving violations or other incidents such as school discipline or work discipline. If you were suspended or expelled from school this would work against your NYPD Police Officer application. Also if you were late or disciplined at your job this would be a problem in your application. If you were terminated from one or more jobs without a good explanation this also would be something you would have to explain.

Severity of violations or infractions. If you were arrested and charged with crimes that is, felonies or misdemeanors that would be something you would have to explain on appeal. If the disposition or final outcome of your case was dismissal or a lesser charge that could help you in your appeal.

The recency of your last violation or infraction is also important your NYPD character appeal. If it has been a decade or even five years since your last infraction that could help you showing the New York City Civil Service Commission that you have changed your behavior for the better.

The three categories do not stand alone- they are considered together in your appeal.

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February 28

NYPD Psych Disqualification / NYPD Disqualification

NYPD Psych Disqualification

NYPD Psychological Appeals- One chance to choose expert and obtain NYPD records

I am a NYPD disqualification appeals lawyer who has been assisting disqualified NYPD candidates who have received either an Notice of Proposed Disqualification for psychological reasons or a Final Notice of Disqualification for psychological reasons from the NYPD.

On the Notice of Proposed Disqualification letter the candidate is given an opportunity to select an expert and have the NYPD psychological file sent to that expert for review and the preparation of a rebuttal report. If the disqualified candidate does not respond to the Notice of Proposed Disqualification the NYPD will NOT be released.

It is crucial that the disqualified candidate select a psychologist familar with the appeals process to assist them. ONCE YOU SELECT AN EXPERT TO ASSIST YOU IN YOUR APPEAL YOU WILL MOST LIKELY NOT BE ABLE TO CHANGE YOUR CHOICE LATER.

Also selecting a psychologist that the candidate formerly had counselling session with is also a poor choice.

When you receive a Notice of Proposed Disqualification or Notice of Disqualification from the NYPD Psychological Service Division please call my office at (888)998-9984 to discuss your options.

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February 26

NYPD Character Disqualification

NYPD Character Disqualification

Matter of Bassano v Town of Carmel Zoning Board of Appeals
An Article 78 appeal was brought about by petitioner to review a determination by the Town of Carmel Zoning Board of Appeals denying petitioner’s application for an area variance. The Supreme Court granted the petition, annulling the determination and directing the variance and all necessary permits be granted for petitioner to construct a single-family dwelling on the premises. The Town then appealed the decision of the Supreme Court.
The original decision not to grant the variance sought by petitioner had no rational basis. The variance would not negatively alter the character of the neighborhood and the benefit sought was unachievable by any other means. Since there was no foreseeable adverse effect on the neighborhood, the Board’s decision to deny petitioner’s application was arbitrary and capricious and without a rational basis.
Accordingly, the Court granted the petition, annulled the determination by the Board of Appeals, and directed that the variance and all necessary permits construct a single-family dwelling on the premises be granted.
Matter of Bassano v Town of Carmel Zoning Bd. of Appeals (2008 NY Slip Op 09074) #nypd #disqualified#disqualification #article78 #character #psych #medical #fdny #teacher #newyork #nyc #longisland #call #today #Mineola