October 30

Is it worth appealing a Notice of Proposed Disqualification (NOPD)?

It’s not going to get any worse… You are currently disqualified… It can only get better. You have two chances to succeed. You could win at a re-interview at the NOPD Notice of Proposed Disqualification phase. It is always important to have all good mental health professionals and attorneys to help you, guide you and prepare you for any re-interview.

If you are unsuccessful you have an appeal to the New York City Civil Service Commission which holds hearings and may rule that your disqualification was improper. This is a second chance to win. Naysayers and critics can claim that no one ever wins, but this is not true. Recently candidates have had their disqualification reversed at a NOPD re-interview. Additionally, candidates have had their disqualifications reversed after hearings at the Civil Service Commission. But, your disqualification will not be reversed if you do not take action.

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