July 19

Candidates Must be Honest during Psychological Interview

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Candidates must be open and honest during their Psychological Interview. If the Interviewing Psychologist detects any type of deception, such deception could be viewed as grounds for Disqualification. While it may be assumed that deceptive people tend to be more evasive, less talkative, have longer response times and may deflect or avoid responses to direct inquiries, they may also present oversimplified stories or use third person or impersonal language structure to disconnect themselves from personal responsibility. Denying events that are documented in the background investigation or treatment records, or minimizing their importance, are also indicators of deception that Candidates should avoid at all times.

A Psychologist may admonish a Candidate who does not provide complete and truthful answers, in an effort to mitigate deception and foster honest reporting. A Candidate’s responses will also be compared against other sources of information to the extent possible. When deception is detected, the Psychologist will use professional judgment to determine whether or not the deception is consequential. For example, was the Candidate being intentionally deceptive or did it result from a misunderstanding, confusion or erroneous beliefs about what the Candidate believed he or she was being asked to disclose.

For more information about Candidate Disqualification due to Deception, click the link below:
Peace Officer Psychological Screening Manual

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-Candidates Must be Honest during Psychological Interview