Landlord/Tenant Cases

When faced with either a problem tenant or an eviction action brought by landlord it is important that you rapidly retain the services of a qualified housing court attorney to support your rights. Kevin P. Sheerin is a retired NYPD Captain who has had his own law office for the past 10 years. During this time he has represented landlords and tenants in defending their respective rights concerning properties apartments and other release issues.

Everyone knows there is a lot at stake regarding housing court cases including hold over actions and nonpayment proceedings.  As you are aware, landlords are out-of-pocket and have difficult time paying their mortgages and obligations on the property when they have tenants who refuse to pay.  Also tenants who are not receiving services or the financial difficulties may be in dire straits concerning keeping a roof over their head and their families’.  Neither situations are important to have an attorney that has experience and has been a civil servant understand the courts and has worked for the NYPD Legal Bureau and began the pioneer project of the Civil Enforcement Unit which is an award winning program that helped evict illegal occupancies at storefronts; homes; residences and commercial properties.

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