Jun 14

Increasing NYPD NOPD Appeal Success at Second Interview

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Law Office of Kevin P. Sheerin

But, before you can get a second interview you must appeal your disqualification.

It’s good to get the facts before you act.

I am available for a phone consultation, a zoom conference or FaceTime. We can discuss the facts of your history, the appeal process for NOPD appeals (“step one”), including what occurred in the oral psychological interview, tips and tactics and how to avoid the traps in a second interview, the process for filing an appeal with the New York City Civil Service Commission if you do not succeed at step one, how to present the best case to get a hearing before the commission and how to succeed at a hearing before the commission.


April, 2021 – “Kevin Sheerin did an excellent job with my appeal. A straight shooter that gets you to the finish line with ease. Highly knowledgeable and thorough. Reasonably priced and worth every penny. I highly recommend his services!” – Daniel G.

February, 2021 – “Kevin Sheerin helped me prepare for a second interview which I passed! Always attentive, caring and responsive. Completely recommend!” – V.V.

August, 2020 – “My experience with Mr. Sheerin was great from start to finish. I contacted Mr. Sheerin when I first got my NOPD, and he got to work right away. With his help I was able to thoroughly prepare for my second interview with the NYPD, which was a success.” – Anthony R.

March 24, 2020 – “Kevin helped me get my disqualification reversed after a second interview.” – Anne L.

March 11, 2020 – “I was disqualified and got a second interview and prepared with Kevin Sheerin in his office and my disqualification was reversed.” – Jeff J.

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You can also visit the New York City Civil Service Commission’s website for pertinent information about Covid-19 updates.

Those interested in New York State jobs can visit New York State Civil Service Commission website.

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