Sep 15

Should You Appeal or Withdraw from a NYPD NOPD


The answer regarding whether you should appeal or withdraw from a NYPD Notice of Proposed Disqualification lies in the circumstances and facts involved in your disqualification. There are occasions when withdrawing might make sense. For instance, if your goal is to create more time and distance between an incident that may have caused you to be disqualified in the first place, then withdrawing now and trying again later might be best.

Having said that, it is important that you understand there are very few benefits to withdrawing if your ultimate goal is to become a NYPD Police Officer. In fact, the withdrawal letter states that the next time you apply for the job the disqualification file will be used in determining your suitability.

Accordingly, it probably behooves you to proceed with your disqualification appeal, if your ultimate goal is to become a NYPD Police Officer.

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