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NYPD Character Disqualification

NYPD Character Disqualification

Appealing a Character Disqualification from the NYPD

Frequently I get calls in my office inquiring about what would disqualify a candidate from the NYPD. The NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) is the personnel office for New York City and they make the rules for applicants for NYC positions. On the DCAS website they list the following list concerning factors that may disqualify a candidate from the NYPD:

The following are factors which would ordinarily be cause for disqualification:

Conviction of an offense which indicates lack of good moral character or disposition towards violence or disorder, or which is punishable by one or more years imprisonment.
Repeated convictions of an offense which indicate disrespect for the law.
Discharge from employment as a result of a poor behavior or inability to adjust to discipline.
*Dishonorable discharge from the United States Military.
Conviction of an offense for Domestic Violence Misdemeanors.
*A Felony conviction.
Statutory Disqualification (disqualified by law)
The DCAS website overview of the NYPD application process can be accessed by clicking on the following link: www.nyc.gov/ht…/nypd/html/careers/application_overview.shtml
A candidate that receives a disqualification from the NYPD other law enforcement or civil service positions can contact my office to see if an appeal would be appropriate: