Aug 13

BE CAREFUL when Hiring a Psychologist for your Appeal


Part of the psychological disqualification appeal process is finding a psychologist who will help you make the strongest arguments for your candidacy. If the psychologist is unable or unwilling to acknowledge your accomplishments, good points, strengths, adversities you have overcome, perseverance over hardships or your persistence in improving despite past difficulties or disabilities, then you must look for a different psychologist. The psychologist you hire SHOULD BE ON YOUR SIDE, advocating for you.

Beware of psychologists who charge a very low fee and tell you that they will help you, but then do a superficial interview, as they may simply use the NYPD’s testing to confirm that you are unsuitable, and then send a report to the NYPD stating that you are unsuitable, without ever telling you. If this happens, not only did they not help you, but they have destroyed any chance you had of ever becoming a NYPD officer.

You MUST make a clear agreement with any psychologist you hire that they will discuss their findings with you BEFORE sending any report to the NYPD.

The psychologist you are considering MUST understand that they are supposed to be advocating for you, and if they don’t believe you are suitable, then they should let you know that they cannot support your candidacy, AND FURTHER AGREE that they will not forward any report to the NYPD if they come to such a conclusion.

If this does happen, at least you will have an opportunity to find a psychologist who will help and support your appeal.

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Here are two videos that discuss the appeal process.

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