September 17

DCAS Notice of Examination and need to enter tasks performed

New York City’s Department of Administrative Services writes, administers and grades all Civil Service Exams.

A Notice of Examination states the job requirements for a civil service title. A Civil Service job candidate when filling out the application, which is often online, should keep the job requirements in front of them as they fill out the forms.

You must write that you performed the specific tasks listed in the job requirements for at least the minimum amount of time listed for the job. If you are not specific regarding the tasks you performed with the percentage of time you performed them you will be disqualified.

The first appeal is to the Committee on Manifest Errors (CME). You will be allowed to explain that you have the required experience as listed in the Notice of Examination but it still may be “too little, too late” and you may receive a letter that your next appeal would be to the New York City Civil Service Commission.

You may also want to take a photo of the tasks page as you fill it out just in case of a software glitch.

Failure to write that you performed the tasks listed in the Notice of Examination will result in your disqualification.

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